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Art is long,but life is short!

субота, 10. новембар 2012.

Welcome to my world!!!

Hello everyone!!!

In this post I want to write a few words about me and to introduce myself.
I'm writing you from my office,from my hometown,Pozarevac in Serbia!Paperwork was never be my dream,but here I am,working in the office of family business.I know what some of you probably think.Safety,security,and not her dream?! Must have been crazy!!! Or why are you doing it at all if you do not like it?!
Well,my dream has always been something else,and I always wanted something else.And now in my 27 years I do what I love,and love what I do! Welcome to my world!!! 

My life,my world is art,drawing! Doing what you love and living your life on your own terms are the best things you can do for yourself. Only you can make it true! I always wanted to be an artist!So, if I wanted it to happen, I must going to have to make it happen! I don't want to be one of those people who dreams of something and never work to make it a reality. 
I'm going to develop a plan that will help me be the me I want to be!!!

   There's no magical formula that will turn dreams into reality. Unless, of course,you believe that hard work and a lot of effort can swirl together and be considered magic.
 It's never too late to be what you might have been! Your biggest limitation can be yourself!!! Give up saying ''I can't '', give up saying ''I wish'', commit yourself to ''I can'' and reach for the stars!!!!
My first serious drawing and iconic ... I was 15 years old
Black ink
This is just first of my many posts to come about art,about me, life, love and many more things... 
Xoxoxox from Serbia!
Sending love to all of you all over the Globe! Dream,believe!!!
Until the next time...stay well!
    Jelena Misic 

Something HOT!!!

Graphite on paper
First of all I would like to say hi and thanks for reading my blog !

Hello my world friends!
  In my first blog post I send you something HOT!!! Hope you like it because I'm going to start posting my art works in this blog.
Do not forget to check out my art work!Thank you!

With love...
                                                                                                   Jelena Misic

Pre svega,zelela bih da vas pozdravim i zahvalim sto pratite moj blog!Pozdrav svima!
U mom prvom post-u saljem nesto VRUCE!!! Nadam se da vam se dopada jer cu poceti da saljem svoje radove na ovom blogu.

S' ljubavlju...

                                                                                                        Jelena Misic