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четвртак, 24. јануар 2013.

Behind the mask!

   Hello my world friends! I hope you're okay!
I told you that before I drawing with pen I Did black and white graphics. Here they are... Black ink!
What do you think?!
   Xoxoxo from Serbia! Sending love to all of you all over the Globe!
Until the next time...stay well!
     Yours Helena Misich

    Pozdrav svima! Nadam se da ste dobro!
Rekla sam vam da sam pre nego što sam počela da crtam olovkom,radila crteže tušem. Pa,evo ih!
Šta mislite?!
    Šaljem ljubav svima vama...
Do sledećeg posta...budite mi dobro!
        Jelena Misic

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