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петак, 25. јануар 2013.

''In Bloom''

This blog post will be slightly different,and you'll see why! :-)

   Hello my world friends... ''Come as You Are'',but bring a smile,because you're going to see portrait of Kurt Cobain ''On a Plain'' piece of paper.
'' All Apologies'' if this intro gives you an ''Aneurysm''. My post wont ''Drain you''... And I hope you will not think it's ''Dumb'' . Unless you're a ''Negative creep''.
     So,unless if you have ''Something in the Way'',please commit a ''Silver'' of time and see my portrait of Kurt Cobain,and tell me your opinion... Or... ''Nevermind''. :-)

    Xoxoxox from Serbia...
Sending love to all of you all over the Globe!
Until the next time... Stay well;

    Yours truly
Helena Misich

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